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Fit looks different on every body!

Everybody is different and every body is different, different in lifestyle, body type, genetics, possible medical issues, and age. All of which play a role in our ability to achieve 'fitness results'. Fit comes in all shapes and sizes, however its not always portrayed that way.

Yesterday I was looking for images to use for promotional material and was stunned to find that 'fit' shows itself online as primarily 'young, slim women', many of whom have forgotten to put their tops on. I couldn't find a single image of a woman of my age working out, and those that I found of 'older' women, were all happily smiling with their yoga mat tucked under their arm, or trying to touch their toes. Really!? Once we hit our 40's/50's and upwards are we no longer fit photo worthy? Do we not exercise the same way the young, smiley, ab and cleavage flashing fitness model types do?

The Oxford English Dictionary describes 'fit' as: "in good health, especially because of regular physical exercise"

Being fit not only looks different on each person but it means something different to each person. "Fitness" is defined as the state of being physically fit and healthy, but what does it mean to have a healthy body? Just because you engage in fitness doesn't necessarily mean you are healthy.

Personally, I equate fitness with both mental and physical states and working towards having a body that can function well in everyday life. A body that can endure the daily physical strains you put on it, like running with the dog, playing backyard soccer with the kids or picking up a tired toddler! A body with no pain, a body with great energy, great digestion, one that takes no medication to curb a symptom, no disease — that is a healthy body. Age, size, shape, or weight should never even enter the conversation. We should be able to appreciate what our bodies can do if we ask them to do it. We should be able to acknowledge our diet and exercise truths without guilt or shame. Because we all have a different idea of what “fit” is for ourselves, so it looks a bit different on each of us.

I love working out, being active and eating healthy, but I do it because I want to and it makes me feel good. I don't starve myself or deprive myself of the things I like to eat and I don't beat myself up that I don't have the body of a fitness model (that takes way too much discipline for me!) If I don't feel up to a workout, I don't push my body, I listen to it. I realize that I am the only one who has to be in my own skin, so guess what? I am absolutely going to make sure that it is a comfortable “fit” for me! I encourage you to do the same, and as a Personal Trainer, my goal is to help you find your fit!

Remember that fit looks different on everyone. Everyone and every body is beautiful, and we are all on this journey together. Keep showing up, keep fighting for fit and stay committed. You've got this!

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