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Why Invest in a Personal Trainer?

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

In a nutshell - to invest in a healthy, happy and functionally fit future. But let's unwrap that a little...

I will put the 'Personal' in your training. I'll assess your specific needs, any injuries, health conditions and your training goals. I'll take into account your likes and dislikes (even down to the music you want to listen to while you train) and develop a personalised plan with clear timelines and achievement goals that will safely and effectively enable you to succeed.

Motivation - As we age, it can get harder to stay motivated towards exercise, having me to guide and motivate you can keep you going. I do the thinking for you so that you can focus on the 'doing' rather than the planning. Let's face it, most of us work harder in the presence of others. I can provide the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to get you through and help you create a healthy habit for life.

Accountability - I'm here, waiting for you to show up. I'm excited to help you reach your goals and am here to remind you of them even when you feel as if you could talk yourself out of them.

Exercise is FUN and my goal is to make your exercise program both effective and fun. I want to make exercise more interesting for you. I offer a wide variety of creative exercises to keep it fun, interesting and challenge you and your body in different ways so you keep striving for those goals.

If you are familiar with my blog posts to date, you'll know how passionate I am about activating muscles prior to working them, this is one of the many techniques I can use to help you maximise your efforts and your results.

I will help you improve your exercise execution to ensure you get the most out of each activity and reduce your risk of injury.

Another thing about ageing is it becomes increasingly challenging to lose stubborn fat! I can help you build muscle mass which will increase your calorific expenditure which assists in shifting that stubborn wobble.

Essentially the future is in your hands and if you are willing to make the changes, I can help you create a healthier, happier and more functionally active you. My role is to provide you with the right knowledge, resources, guidance, training and skills so that you can do "it" for yourself. I'm here to support you as you work towards improving the quality of your life now and for the future.

My Personal Training services come with little bonus features too, I want to create a boutique gym experience, revolving around personal attention, I want you to feel warmly welcomed and have a high experiential factor from your specialised workout experience.

It's easier than you think to change your life. Just get in touch and let's get going on the road to a fitter future.

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