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Why Non-Scale Victories need to be your standard for success!

Non-scale victories are different ways to measure your health and fitness success, that don't include stepping on the scales! Things like your clothes fitting better, having more energy, being able to do more of your workout, and (in my opinion) the best of all, you just feel healthier.

Non-scale victories also help us to shift our focus from numerical values of how we perceive our bodies to finding value in our bodies because of the things they enable us to do. They are things that are worth celebrating because they mean you’re moving towards your goals regardless of your body’s overall mass. After all, weight is nothing but a number. It is a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That’s it. It shouldn't define you or your journey!! The non-scale victories are of far greater importance and mean both progress and success and should be celebrated.

I thought I’d share with you a few of the non-scale victories my clients have experienced and celebrated so far…

“Seeing and feeling muscle tone and definition in my legs”

“I’m more conscious of my posture and the way I do everyday activities, like picking up the kids toys”

“I feel stronger when climbing the stairs”

“Seeing more of a waistline”

“not having a sore back after gardening! I was more aware of the muscles I was using and even did some glute and core activation stuff beforehand to help protect my back”

“Fitting in my skinny jeans”

"I'm using a hole in my belt, I've not used before!"

“Squats are getting easier!”

“feeling more energised and ready to take on the day”

“I’ve learnt to love exercise and now I look forward to it”

“I feel like I’m adding years to my life”

“not feeling guilty about having a dessert”

These are all non-scale victories. This is success and deserves to be celebrated.

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