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Why did I become a Personal Trainer at 44 years old?

20 years after doing a degree in Sports and Exercise Science here I am again venturing into the world of health and fitness. The difference this time is I’m armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as a truck load of passion for the changes that can be made to your mind, body and ultimately your future by developing and sustaining healthy habits.

20 years ago I didn’t have the understanding that I do now.

20 years on and I’ve experienced what it is to be the mother returning to exercise after having a baby and the mum trying to exercise with a toddler in tow. I’ve been the depressed, comfort eating,15 kilo heavier version of myself with no motivation to get up and do it. I’ve been the ‘try’athlete not having a clue where to start and the triathlete desperate to make improvements to race times.

10 years ago when I became an Ironman.

I’ve been the newbie at a gym full of daunting equipment and the newbie at a gym with no equipment. I’ve rehabbed from injuries and trained through them (safely and not so much - we live and learn). I’ve trained on my own, with friends and in groups which have become friends. I’ve trained with my family and for my family.

I’ve exercised to get ‘skinny’ and exercised to get ‘strong’, I've exercised 20+ hours a week and I've exercised 0 hours a week! I’ve taught spin classes and tried various iterations of group fitness, I’ve used fitness apps and trackers and tried a myriad of ‘diets’.

I know what works for me, my lifestyle, my body type (including my imperfections) and I have embraced my uniqueness. I love what exercise does for me and to me. Exercise has given me confidence, strength, health, happiness, stress relief, me time, a feeling of accomplishment and a burning desire to share all of that with others.

So, why did I become a personal trainer at 44 years old? To share that passion for exercise with others, to be a role model for my children, to be someone who can help others, empower, motivate and inspire others.


Exercise has been known to cause health and happiness! Are you ready?

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